A comprehensive list of social networking sites?

Wikipedia has a lengthy list of current social networking projects or services that have launched globally--including a few (but just a few) services geared toward the mobile platform.

On second look, myGamma and Dodgeball seem to be the only mobile-specific social networking apps on the list. That's it?

Cingular alone has four social networks on its deck: Rabble, CoolTalk, MySpace and Facebook--but only the second two are listed. Juice Wireless is another company with a good amount of VC funding, but little user base and notoriety. Enpresence is a fascinating service that lets other mobile users know when a friend is nearby.

Flickr, MySpace, Facebook and most of the other big names on this list have already added mobile components to their offerings and each of the start-ups on here best consider it a must have--by this time next year the ones without mobile functionality porbably won't make the cut.

My favorites off this list include: aSmallWorld (known as Snobster by the cynical), Connect.ee (Estonian service--a country with free WiFi at every gas station), and Dodgeball, because I'm a sucker for the much romanticized location-based services sector.

Enjoy this list from Wikipedia. Add the ones you see missing. And create the ones in between.

This is a list of notable social networking websites.

Name Description/Focus User count Registration
43 Things Tagging 627,000[1] Open
ActiveRain Real estate professionals 5,374[2] Open
Adoos Latin America and Spain classifieds, personals 1,000,000 Open
AIM Pages AOL Instant Messenger Unknown Open
aSmallWorld Globally well-connected and successful people with genuine profiles and networks 150,000[3] Invite-only
BlackPlanet.com African-Americans 18,000,000[4] Open
Babbello Australian teenagers 30,000[5] Open
Bebo Schools and colleges 22,000,000[6] Open
Blogger Blogging 16,000,000[7] Open
Blurty Blogs, based on LiveJournal 947,169[8] Open
Bolt General (music and video) 4,000,000[9] Open
CarDomain Car enthusiasts 1,600,000[10] Open
Care2 Green living and activism 6,600,000[11] Open
Classmates.com School, college, work and the military 40,000,000[12] Open
Connect.ee Estonia 39,000[13] Invite-only
Consumating "Consumeetings" 21,000[14] Open
Cyworld South Korea 15,000,000[15] Open
Dandelife Collective narratives or "shared biographies" unknown Open
DeadJournal "Dark" blogs, based on LiveJournal 490,310[16] By invite or payment
Dodgeball.com Mobile location-based service unknown[17] Open
Doostang Online career community 53,000[18] Invite-only
DowneLink LGBT Unknown Open
Draugiem.lv Latvia 731,652[19] Invite-only
Ecademy Business 100,000[20] Open
Eons People over 50 Unknown Open to people over 50
Facebook General 12,000,000[21] Open
Facebox General 1,046,696[22] Open
Faceparty British teens and 20-somethings 5,900,000[23] Open
Flickr Photo sharing 2,500,000[24] Open
Friendster General 29,100,000[25] Open
Frühstückstreff General 10,100[26] Open
Gaia Online General 5,000,000[27] Open
Gazzag General Unknown Open
GoPets Virtual pets 400,000[28] Open
GreatestJournal Uses LiveJournal code 1,514,865[29] Open
Grono.net Poland 830,000[30] Invite-only
Hi5 General 50,000,000[31] Open
Hyves General; focus on students and Dutch speakers 2,311,790[32] Open
imeem media-centric social network with instant messaging functionality Unknown[33] Open
IMVU 3D chat software 1,000,000[34] Open
IRC-Galleria Finland 350,000[35] Open
iWiW Hungary 1,235,000[36] Invite only
Joga Bonito Football (soccer) Unknown Open
Last.fm Music Unknown[37] Open
LinkedIn Business 8,500,000[38] Open
LiveJournal Blogging 10,921,263[39] Open
LunarStorm Sweden 1,200,000[40] Open
MEETin General 50,000[41] Open
MetroJoint General 1,383[42] Open
MiGente.com Latinos 3,600,000[43] Open
Mixi Japan 5,000,000[44] Invite-only
MOG Music Unknown Open
Multiply "Real world" networking with definable relationships 3,000,000[45] Open
Music Forte Music 37,000[46] Open
myGamma Cell phones 1,300,000[47] Open
MySpace General 130,000,000[48] Open
myYearbook General 950,000[49] Open
Neurona Spanish businesses and Italy 690,000[50] Open
Nexopia Canada 866,000 Open
orkut Owned by Google 33,729,146 [51] Open
Passado General (business) 4,700,000[52] Open
Piczo Teenagers, Canadians, photo sharing 10,000,000[53] Open
Playahead Swedish teenagers 2,000,000[54] Open
ProfileHeaven British teens 100,000[55] Open
Rediff Connexions India 1,400,000[56] Open
Reunion.com Locating friends and family 25,000,000[57] Open
Ryze Business 250,000[58] Open
Sconex American high schools 500,000[59] Open
Studivz University students, mostly in the German-speaking countries 1,000,000 Open
Studybreakers High school students 34,000[60] Open
Stumbleupon Websurfing 1,200,000[61] Open
TagWorld General (tagging) 1,850,692[62] Open
TakingITGlobal Social action 116,000[63] Open
The Student Center Teens and colleges 800,000[64] Open
Threadless General 364,474 Open
Tribe General 554,993[65] Open
Vampire Freaks Gothic industrial culture 650,000[66] Open
VietSpace A social network of Vietnamese 20,000[67] Open
Vox Blogging Unknown Open
WAYN Travel & Lifestyle 7,000,000[68] Open to people 18 and older
WebBiographies Genealogy & Biography 3,500[69] Open
Windows Live Spaces Blogging (formerly MSN Spaces) 30,000,000[70] Open
Xanga Blogs and "metro" areas 40,000,000[71] Open
XING Business 1,000,000[72] Open
Xuqa Colleges 1,000,000[73] Open
Yahoo! 360° Linked to Yahoo! IDs 4,700,000[74] Open to people 18 and older
Zaadz Social consciousness 17,627[75] Open