A new opportunity for developers? Mobile apps converge on Super Bowl

There were a wide variety of new and surprising advertisements during Sunday's Super Bowl--including a few spots from rivals T-Mobile and Sprint. But one of the most interesting elements in Sunday's big game was the appearance of two ads for mobile games: Clash of Clans and Game of War.

The ads, which featured megawatt actors Kate Upton and Liam Neeson, serve to highlight the growing push among mobile app developers to get their apps in front of increasingly large numbers of potential users. But the Super Bowl--which garnered a record 114.4 million viewers--is only one option for developers looking to reach TV lovers.

In this newest FierceDeveloper feature, Quaid Media, AppLift and others discuss the options mobile app developers have to create TV commercials for their apps--and to get those ads in front of viewers. Special Report.