A peek at executive Christmas wishes

A peek at executive Christmas wishes

Christmas is nearly a week away so it's time to guess what is on the Santa wish lists of some wireless telecom executives:

Lowell McAdams, CEO of Verizon Wireless: Dear Santa, please convince Google to stay out the 700 MHz auction now that we've embraced open access and Google's Android platform.

Greg Brown, CEO of Motorola: Dear Santa, please make this Carl Icahn guy go away. And can you make the RAZR and its cousins the RIZR and KRZR big sellers this Christmas season even though they have to compete with the iPhone and LG's Voyager?

Paul Saleh, acting CEO and CFO of Sprint Nextel: Dear Santa, where do I begin? Please help us figure out how to woo all of those high ARPU iDEN users we've neglected since our merger with Nextel. Oh, and please make our WiMAX launches a big success so that activist investors get off our case. And please help Wall Street have faith in us again. And one more thing... help us to find a CEO because this gig sucks.

Carl-Henric Svanberg, CEO of Ericsson: Dear Santa, please make all wireless carriers everywhere spend money again on infrastructure upgrades.  

Ralph de la Vega, CEO of AT&T Mobility: Dear Santa, it's a bit complicated but help consumers to understand that we really do have an open network policy but just not with the iPhone. That's a special offering.

Paul Jacobs, CEO of Qualcomm: Dear Santa, please help Nokia and Broadcom to end all of this patent litigation nonsense and see things from our point of view. Meanwhile, please keep the W-CDMA handsets rolling. How about a W-CDMA handset in every stocking this year?

Here's to another exciting year in wireless in 2008. -Lynnette