ABI: Lenovo cracks the top 10 in handsets, putting pressure on rivals

Chinese computer maker Lenovo was the No. 8 handset maker in the world in the fourth quarter of 2012, marking the first time the company cracked the top 10, according to ABI Research. The company experienced breakout shipment growth in 2012, according to ABI analyst Michael Morgan. Lenovo has only been making handsets in earnest for about two years and it primarily sells these handsets in its home market of China, yet it is putting pressure on Chinese rivals like Huawei and TCL. Morgan's analysis of Lenovo is part of ABI's ranking of the top 12 handset makers globally. Though most research firms only list the market's top five handset makers, ABI lists a full top 12 (and the firm is providing shipment numbers for all of the vendors listed). For a complete look at ABI's report, click here.