Ad wars: Here's our take on the holiday wireless commercials

It seems that as the number of days in the holiday shopping season dwindles, the number of holiday-themed wireless commercials or web ads increases. This is true of most consumer and retail goods, but with the wireless industry it's slightly different because all of the companies are essentially selling you the same thing. But that's not what the Tier 1 operators and handset makers would like you to believe: each of their products are faster, better, shinier than all of the others. Or, maybe, simply, their commercials are just better.   

FierceWireless compiled a sampling of the commercials that are airing right now from some of the operators and handset makers. They run the gamut from merely informative (such as a 3-minute spiel about how best to buy an iPhone 3G for someone) to entertaining (the AT&T Mobility gingerbread men strike back!) to the simply zany (a swarm of Santas in a Motorola commercial).

Some of the ads hawk products that are doing extremely well in the market, but are flops as commercials because they fail to tell the consumer much about the product or why they should buy it. Other commercials are for products that are not doing as well but offer up some zip and pizazz that make them entertaining.

To be clear, we are not critiquing, reviewing or otherwise passing judgment on the products or services being offered, but merely on the commercials. FierceWireless has offered a critique of both their aesthetics and effectiveness, and they are divided up by carrier or company. Check out our list and post a comment telling us which one is your favorite and why. Click here for FierceWireless' Holiday Themed Commercial Review. --Phil