Airvana, Alcatel-Lucent develop EVDO femtocell; Sprint launches Sprint Web

> Airvana and Alcatel-Lucent have jointly announced that the two companies will develop a CDMA/EV-DO femtocell platform that will incorporate IMS. Airvana will enhance its femtocell offerings with new interfaces to enable integration with Alcatel-Lucent's IMS core. Release

>  Sprint Nextel launched Sprint Web, an improved mobile web browsing experience featuring an adaptive homepage that pushes content based on the subscriber's previous usage patterns as well as direct access to Google-branded mobile search services. Article

> CDMA crowd embraces LTE, WiMAX. Editorial

> Samsung partners with GyPSii on location apps. Article

And finally... For the nerds, a labor-free way to paddle a canoe by using your Wiimote. Article