Alcatel-Lucent, Verizon and Comcast execs among the rising stars of wireline in 2014

FierceWireless just announced its Rising Stars of Wireless for 2014, but there are an equal number of executives in wireline telecom who are also pursuing innovative strategies and making their mark. The time to innovate couldn't be any more pressing for the wireline segment of the telecom industry. North American service providers are in a state of flux as they look to shut down their 100-year-old TDM-based networks and go all-IP. This transition comes with a number of technology and regulatory shifts that new FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler has made a priority for 2014. These executives are the ones who are propelling network transition, launching new service initiatives and developing network buildout strategies to respond to emerging consumer and business services demands. Check out the Rising Stars of Wireline for 2014.