Allnet 5G spectrum maps show all the millimeter wave spectrum currently in FCC hands

Millimeter wave spectrum -- stretching from 28 GHz to 39 GHz and then up through the 64-71 GHz band -- has been identified as a key element of forthcoming 5G networks. And according to new maps provided by Allnet Insights & Analytics, there is a lot of millimeter wave spectrum currently under control by the FCC.

The reason there is so much high-band spectrum in the FCC's hands is because many companies that were allocated these spectrum licenses years ago decided they weren't going to make a business of it and gave it back, or the FCC essentially foreclosed on the licenses because companies didn't' meet their buildout requirements.

Companies that do currently own or expect to soon own this higher-band spectrum include T-Mobile, Verizon and C Spire. According to Allnet Insights & Analytics, AT&T doesn't hold any of the higher-band spectrum, and Sprint has some 28 GHz spectrum in Alaska.

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