Alltel introduces phone with Fastap technology

Digit Wireless has been aggressively evangelizing its keypad design technology, known as Fastap, since 2001, and is finally gaining momentum in the U.S. through a deal with Alltel that brings the Fastap-enabled LG AX490 to Alltel's subscribers. Alltel told FierceWireless that it was buoyed by results Canada's Telus Mobility experienced with the Fastap-enabled LG 6190. Telus launched that phone in December 2004, but only recently revealed some interesting statistics. It said customers who owned the Fastap-enabled phones used on average 116 percent more text messaging as compared to those who purchased a comparable 12-button handset. This increase was sustained over a 12-month period. In addition, overall data ARPU was 97 percent higher for Fastap users compared with non-users, with browser penetration 53-percent higher.

Fastap is a one-touch keypad technology designed to enable easier discovery, access and use of mobile applications and services through easier text entry and enhanced access-control functionality. In the case of the LG AX490, LG integrated raised alpha keys and lowered number keys to provide two levels of functionality.

For more about Digit Wireless' Fastap technology and its use in the LG AX490:
- see this release (.pdf)