Alltel launches Samsung Hue, Celltop study

Alltel has launched a new handset by Samsung, the Hue, which offers Alltel's patent-pending Celltop UI, an MP3 player with Jump Music capabilities, a 1.3 megapixel camera with video, and a choice of colorful, interchangeable faceplates. The device is available for $39.99 with a $50 mail-in-rebate and two-year service agreement.

Usable Products Company recently released a report that found Alltel's Celltop UI was harder to use than WAP, which should come as a surprise to many in the industry--in fact it won a BREW award. The company compared Celltop to Axcess Web, a WAP portal on LG's AX8600.

"Unfortunately, Celltop is less usable than WAP," stated Usable Products' president Scott Weiss. "Only 7 out of 10 usability test participants were able to successfully check the weather in Miami, Florida using Celltop, while all 10 were successful using Axcess Web, a WAP portal. Furthermore, of those who succeeded, Celltop took 36 seconds (27 percent) longer than WAP."

UPDATE: An Alltel spokesperson questioned the study's conclusions because it only included data from 10 participants, who were based in New York City, which is outside of Alltel's coverage area.

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