Alltel Wireless expands My Circle

Alltel Wireless has updated its My Circle offering: Subscribers can now get unlimited calling to any five numbers nationwide or any 20 numbers nationwide. Alltel launched the original My Circle 10 in 2006 for customers on rate plans of $59.99 or higher. Now customers with rate plans of $49.99 or higher can sign up for My Circle 5, and subscribers with rate plans priced $99.99 or higher can choose My Circle 20. 

T-Mobile USA has a similar service called MyFaves that allows its subscribers to make unlimited calls to any five numbers, but T-Mobile subscribers can only change their MyFaves contacts once a month. Alltel Wireless claims to have no restrictions on how many times or at what times a subscriber can change the numbers in their My Circle. My Circle users can change who is in their circle by logging onto anytime at no charge.

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