ALSO NOTED: 2-yr-olds have phones; Healthcare goes wireless; and much more...

> Study: 15 percent of 2- to 5-year-olds have mobile phones. Article

> Market for wireless tech in the healthcare sector should soar to $7 billion in 2010. Release

> The first, oh-so-rumory photos of the alleged Googlephone. De ja vu. Blog

> FTS Wireless to acquire direct navigation ring tone network. Article

> Satire: Cisco sues over iPhone. Word on the Street

And Finally... Your daily dose of wireless trivia: What product originally launched in the U.S. as the "Soundabout", but was quickly rebranded? Hint: Its second brand incarnation is still used today for a popular line of mobile phones. Send it here. Yesterday's answer: "Ed Whitacre" - Jeff Miller, Motorola/Good Technology.