ALSO NOTED: Beceem-Samsung for WiMAX; Daily Trivia; and much more...

> Siemens takes FMC to the enterprise. Article

> Beceem inks a WiMAX embed deal with Samsung. Release

> Is the iPhone destined to share the same fate as the Newton because of its price? Article

> XE inks distro deal with CompUSA. Release

> Cingular/AT&T seemed to have had a four hour outage last night in the Northeast U.S. Blog

And Finally... What three fixed wireless service providers filed for Chapter 11 in 2001? Submit your answer here.

Yesterday's Question: In May 2004, then FCC Chairman Michael Powell pulled his support for Nextel's plan to relocate spectrum in what band? Answer: Nextel wanted to move from 800MHz to 1.9GHz. Correct responses came from: Carrie McKenzie, T-Mobile USA; Bee Lee, Sprint Nextel; Danielle Gotkis, Trilibis Mobile; Jill Rabach, Sprint Nextel; Mike Rampton, Sprint Nextel

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