ALSO NOTED: Italy to get 3G iPhone in weeks; Smartphone shortages; Android timeline and much more...

> The buzz among the blogs is that Italian operator TIM will get the 3G iPhone in a matter of weeks. The phone will be unlocked and available without a carrier contract. Article

> A Morgan Keegan analysts says that RIM and Palm are experiencing shortages on certain smartphone models. Article

> Since formally announcing its much-anticipated Android open-source mobile operating system late last year, web services giant Google has played its cards tight to the vest. Even with the first Android-based devices slated to hit the market within the next few months, myriad developmental questions remain. Click here for a FierceDeveloper web exclusive spotlighting what we do know about Android, six months on.

And finally ... HTC launched its first-ever brand campaign in the U.S. this week. Check out the company's first commercial spot here.