ALSO NOTED: J. Gold Associates finds it costs about $845 to switch a user's wireless email systems; Regulators approve QUALCOMM

> J. Gold's newest report finds that the cost of switching a user from one wireless email system to another is about $845. Release (.pdf file)

> Anti-trust regulators give QUALCOMM the A-OK on its $600 million acquisition of Flarion. Article

> Citing the rise of Internet services as its motivating factor, Cisco plans to expand its consumer electronic product offerings to include radios, home theater equipment and phones. Article

> Verizon Wireless launches supplement to VCast Music that enables users to manage and transfer music files to their handsets from their PCs. Release

> Network Chemistry partners with SonicWALL to add its RFProtect to SonicWALL's network of partners. Release

> Motorola's Macedonia-wide national, wireless broadband service that uses pre-WiMax technology has been successfully deployed. Article

> Some harsh words for Baby Bells pushing for the two-tiered Internet. Column

And Finally... Singapore has finally cracked it: a cell phone powered by urine. Article