ALSO NOTED: Japanese gov. questions Softbank giveaways; Chocolate vs. KRZR K1m; and much more...

> The LG Chocolate (photo) vs. the new KRZR K1m (photo). CNET puts them back-to-back. Blog

> GeoVector, which already sells in Japan, may launch later this year in the U.S. with 3D maps and driving directions. Article

> Verizon Wireless launches the Nokia 2366i (photo), which may be one of the last CDMA handsets from Nokia because of its recent split with Sanyo. Blog

> Verizon launches a different color of the KRZR K1m to match the grey-haired. Blog

> Softbank Mobile said that the Japanese government questioned its promotional giveaways, which mark the introduction of number portability in the country, since they caused an avalanche of interest in the carrier. Article

And Finally... LG partners with camera-lens maker Schneider-Kreznach for cameraphone lenses. LG's recently announced Shine handset (photo), is the first to include a lens from the maker. Blog

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