ALSO NOTED: Kodiak brings PTT to Alaska; Sprint brings Rev. A to Hawaii; and much more...

> Kodiak brings PTT to Alaska for Cellular One subscribers in the state. Article

> Sprint brings Rev. A to Hawaii. Release

> Ringtone sales continue to decline. Article

> Take a look at this mobile gaming article from The New York Times on Sunday featuring our very own FierceGameBiz editor, Nathan Eddy. Article

And Finally... Microsoft teamed with what watchmaker to launch a line of wireless watches known as "Paparazzi" in 2004? Submit your response here.

Yesterday's question: What carrier was the first to commercially launch IPWireless' TD-CDMA technology? Hint: It was announced on December 3, 2001. It was Craig Wireless. First correct responses came from: Vikrant Ghandi, Frost & Sullivan; Brian Clark, M/C Venture Partners; John Holland, Ericsson

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