ALSO NOTED: Openwave trying to smile; Daily Trivia; and much more...

> According to a report in Forbes, Openwave is putting lipstick on the pig. Article

> Discover Network and Motorola announce mobile payments and account management trial. Release

> The WSJ has an overview of Telstra's 3G network's success. Article (sub. req.)

And Finally... Your daily dose of wireless trivia: What BlackBerry model was the first to gain FCC approval with a color display? Submit your response here.

Yesterday's Question: After years of waiting, what popular television show's tech-obsessed fans finally got the coveted branded mobile phone on August 31, 2005? Hint: Viacom and Soma Mobile teamed up for the project. Answer: Star Trek--The Star Trek Communicator phone. First correct answers came from: Deana Ray, Brightpoint; Lorenz Jakober, Nellymoser; Blane Mather, Verizon Wireless; Keith Pichelman, Concrete Software; Tony Henning, Future Image