ALSO NOTED: QUALCOMM claims 3.6 Mbps speeds in HSDPA tests; BRIC countries want data services, don't want to pay; and much more

> QUALCOMM achieved HSDPA data rates of 3.6 Mbps in testing and expects to double the speed to 7.2 Mbps soon. Release

> Study: Emerging markets want mobile data services but seem unwilling to pay for them. Release

> Benchmarking site FutureMark launches new suite SPMarkJave06 for testing speeds of PDAs and mobile phones. Article

> Carriers ring hands as Jamster and other ring-tone services market directly to the customers. Blog

> Rogers Communications launches mFORMS to help SMBs leverage wireless technology. Release

And Finally... Scientists determine rats less stressed after eating sugar but still unsure if it's the sugar that lowers the stress levels or eating a favorite food. Article