ALSO NOTED: Qualcomm-Nokia "Armageddon"; Moto's highest mobile call; and much more...

> Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs says he hopes to avoid "Armageddon" in a week's time, when an all-out patent war could break out between Qualcomm and Nokia. Article

> Motorola is sponsoring an attempt at the "world's highest cell phone call," which sees a famed British mountain climber hiking up Mount Everest and making a call. Article

> Mozilla mobile browser Minimo, gets an update to make it smaller and faster. Article

> In that great tradition of April Fool's pranks, Google has tricked many people into thinking it will actually print out Gmail emails and photos for free and send them to users at no cost. Google also has a wireless-related press release out for April Fool's Day, which announces the launch of its TiSP (Toilet Internet service Provider) initiative, that some have labeled, "Dark Porcelain". Article

And Finally... Two years ago at the CTIA Wireless 2005 conference, what entertainment company president used his keynote address as a launchpad for the firm's upcoming MVNO? Submit your answer here.

Most recent question: Mike Lazaridis, president and co-CEO of RIM gave $100 million to establish this institute. What's the institute's name? Answer: Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics. First correct answers came from: Carl Sharpe, Comcast; Dan Wardle, RIM; Ramesh Balakrishnan, Memova Mobile; Noah Gates, Volvo; Jonathan Tice, Nitido