ALSO NOTED: Samsung's Ubicell; Helio's Ocean; and much more...

> Can Blyk, the U.K.-based ad-supported MVNO make it? Article

> NYTimes calls Helio's Ocean an iPhone-killer. Article

> Rogers Wireless throws cold water on iPhone "rumors." Seemed like a done deal last time they spoke about it. Article

> Samsung's femtocell contribution, the Ubicell. Article

> Somebody thinks a bunch of Dummies will buy the iPhone. Article

And Finally... What San Francisco-based mobile heavyweight did Vodafone acquire for a cool $56 billion in 1999? Submit your response here.

Yesterday's question: What privately held firm launched its first smartphone in late 1999 for the much-hyped roll out of Sprint PCS Wireless Web service? The firm went on to launch two more handsets in 2000 but abruptly shuttered its doors in July 2001. Answer: Neopoint. First correct responses came from: Frank Della Corte, RFMD; Peter Mueller, Rx Networks; Jeff Fishburn, OnPR; Jake Butler, University Pipeline; John Beckwith, inCode

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