ALSO NOTED: Sybase 365 delivers 25B messages; Seagate's DAVE tech; and much more...

> LG Telecom's profit surges as users rise and costs in South Korea drop. Article (WSJ sub. req.)

> Seagate claims DAVE could change the mobile phone forever, or maybe just the mobile content market, forever. Article

> Sybase 365 announces delivery of 25 billion mobile messages. Release

And Finally... Your daily dose of wireless trivia: What was the name of the actress who was the spokeswoman for VoiceStream Wireless?  She was let go when Deutsche Telekom changed the VoiceStream name to T-Mobile and introduced Catherine Zeta-Jones as its worldwide spokeswoman. Submit your answer here.

Yesterday's Question: Who was the AT&T Wireless executive credited with developing the Digital One-Rate plan? This plan revolutionized the wireless industry and was a huge marketing success for AT&T Wireless. Answer: Dan Hesse. First four correct answers: Roger Entner, Ovum; James Leyerle, onSTAR; Carlos Solis, T-Mobile USA; Cliff Raskind, Strategy Analytics; Thomas Bartin, Cingular

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