ALSO NOTED: Titan scoops up Ready; Daily Trivia; and much more...

> Titan scoops up Ready Mobile's MVNO assets. Article

> China Mobile posts record number of new users in one month--again. Article

> AT&T's wireless unit completes a two-year $1.3 billion investment in L.A. area network. Release

> Consumer groups say European carriers still charge too much for roaming. Article

> Sprint announced it will take a consulting role in the Middle East and North Africa region where Wataniya Telecom is rolling out push-to-talk services. Article

And Finally... Your daily dose of wireless trivia: After years of waiting, what popular television show's tech-obsessed fans finally got the coveted branded mobile phone on August 31, 2005? Hint: Viacom and Soma Mobile teamed up for the project. Submit your response here.

Yesterday's question: Sprint was the first Tier 1 U.S. operator to launch a real-time streaming mobile TV service. It was powered by Idetic, which later became known as MobiTV. What month and year did Sprint launch this service? Answer: November 2003. The first four correct answers came from: Bee Lee, Sprint; Jeff Lee, Proteus; Tom Park, Hands-On Mobile; Julie Ask, Jupiter Research

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