ALSO NOTED: UK: carriers should have grace period; MIT's silicon alternative; and much more...

> British telecom industry minister Margaret Hodge agrees with the proposed EU crackdown on high roaming charges, but asks for a six month grace period for carriers before imposing fines. Article

> Sprint launches Rev. A in 10 more markets in the U.S. The count is now up to 60 million people in the carrier's Rev. A coverage area of 20 markets. Release

> Alltel Wireless to deliver Spanish-language mobile TV. Article

> Telus extends EV-DO networks to mobile subscribers roaming in 230 cities in the U.S. Article

> MIT develops silicon alternative that may jumpstart a new rapid phase of development in devices smaller than the cell phone. Article

And Finally... FierceIPTV broke the news: Broadstream is acquiring Auroras. Scoop