ALSO NOTED: UK report: Jam students' mobiles; More on the Qualcomm deals; and much more...

> BT taps Motorola for its Wireless Cities initiative in six U.K. cities. Article

> Handmark bundles MobileCierge into its Pocket Express offering, which gives the common business person his or her own personal assistant service. Yes, a real, live person. (More on this later as I demo it these next few months.) Release

> U.K. ponders jamming mobile phones to prevent exam cheating in schools. No doubt, lawmakers in the U.S. will think safety first. Article

> Wrap-up of the Qualcomm acquisitions yesterday: Airgo and RF Micro's Bluetooth assets. Article

And Finally... Digg founder dishes out on iPhone specs. FYI, he predicted the Nano and the news at last year's MacWorld, which is where he predicts the "Apple phone" will launch. Article