ALSO NOTED: Wavion develops beam forming for muni-WiFi; Indian telcos deploy "Voice SMS"; and much more...

> Wavion develops beam forming for WiFi access points for the muni-WiFi and metro wireless markets. Article

> Indian telcos looks to "Voice SMS" to give voice to the illiterate. Blog

> Orange offers phones that "scream" when reported stolen. Of course, everyone will just assume it's the new, hot ringtone. Blog

> Finnish study suggests that genetic differences might trigger cell-phone radiation damage. Article

> Wireless China raises $1.2 million in seed financing. Release

And Finally... A 74-year-old woman has had the same four letter vanity license plate for close to nine years. But the presumably younger workers at the DMV called it obscene for the first time this year, because they assumed the license plate: "NWTF" stood for "now what the ...." instead of the woman's business: "NorthWood Tree Farm." Blog

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