Americans use their smartphones for Web browsing

Research firm M:Metrics reports that U.S. smartphone users spend an average of four hours and 38 minutes per month for Web browsing. This is nearly double the Brits, who spend about two hours and 30 minutes per month Web browsing on their smartphones.  M:Metrics says that the reason for the difference between the U.K. and the U.S. is that 10.9 percent of American smartphone users have an unlimited data plan compared to only 2.3 percent of U.K. users.

Top domains that U.S. smartphone users browse are (1 hour and 38 minutes per month); ebay (one hour 25 minutes per month); Myspace (1 hour and 25 minutes per month); (1 hour 24 minutes per month); and (1 hour, 7 minutes per month).

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