Amp'd goes prepaid

According to the Web site of Amp'd Mobile, the MVNO is launching pay-as-you-go service offering today. Does that mean the operator isn't adding as many customers as it hoped? You have to figure when you target the younger demographic, not a lot of these types of customers have the credit to buy post-paid plans. It's interesting to note, however, that Amp'd executives have always avoided putting the company in the same category as Virgin Mobile because, well, Virgin Mobile is a prepaid player. We'll see how simple this pay-as-you-go pricing becomes for end users.

Amp'd is charging prepaid customers data usage fees of 30 cents per MB. Based on the footnotes detailing the various charges, it appears the data usage fee is part of a 25 percent content surcharge that applies to music downloads, polyphonic ringtones, true tones and games. Interestingly, Amp'd appears to also be going head to head with Boost Mobile by charging $1 per day for unlimited push-to-talk services.

To find out more about Amp'd Mobile's pay-as-you-go service offering:
- check out the company's site

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