Amp'd reveals subscriber numbers

Amp'd Mobile decided to release some subscriber numbers amid the market's dismal sentiment these days when it comes to the MVNO market. The company said it is fast approaching 50,000 subscribers and is on target to have between 100,000 and 150,000 customers by Christmas. The number seems to jive with the 22,000 figure an analyst overheard from an Amp'd employee during the E3 conference in May. Other analysts had predicted subscriber figures around 5,000 after it had been in the market six months. Amp'd launched its service in December and says it brought in 15,000 new subscribers last month and is "on track to do 25,000 this month." Apparently it is enjoying some momentum now that it has a retail presence and is not just selling service online. Another interesting figure: average postpaid revenues per user are about $100, with $30 coming from data. Amp'd said its customers watched about 200,000 live video streams last month. Amp'd's CEO Peter Adderton is urging other MVNOs to come out of the closet with their numbers. That's probably something ESPN isn't ready to do at this point.

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