Apple adds stricter app rules; Leap goes nationwide with daily unlimited plan

> ZTE outlines U.S. handset strategy in detail. Article

> Apple has added stricter rules to its iPhone Developer Program License Agreement, in an effort to stop programmers from jail-breaking apps, helping to jail-break them or distributing an app outside of its App Store. Article

> Leap Wireless announced that it is taking its daily unlimited rate plan, PayGo, nationwide. Article 

> Vodafone and O2 are both actively vying to get control of the German Internet provider HanseNet, seen as a valuable new revenue stream. Article

> Verizon Wireless launched its Mobile Web Games and Apps Store, offering users easier access to games and applications. Article 

> Belgium is inviting potential bidders for a fourth cell phone licence in the country, hoping to create more competition. Article

> Alcatel-Lucent introduced its Evolved Packet Core product designed for operators deploying LTE networks. Article

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> See these photos of some new handsets on the show floor. Photos

And finally...A Massachusetts man plead guilty to stealing shrimp from a New Hampshire supermarket on multiple occasions, but has refused to say why he did it. Article