Apple, AT&T sued over iPhone 3G

Another angry iPhone 3G user has filed a lawsuit but this time it's directed at both AT&T and Apple with the bulk of the complaint against AT&T's network. The San Diego-based lawsuit filed by William Gillis accuses Apple and AT&T of overselling the iPhone 3G and promising fast speeds. The lawsuit says that by overselling the iPhone 3G, there are too may customers using the device, which causes the network to get bogged down.

Gillis is particularly critical of AT&T--claiming that the carrier says the iPhone 3G performs well on its 3G network when in reality the handset requires too much power. That coupled with the high volume of iPhones sold, has caused the network to kick users down to the EDGE-based 2G network even when 3G coverage is guaranteed, Gillis says in his lawsuit.

Neither AT&T or Apple have commented on the lawsuit, which is the second lawsuit directed at the iPhone 3G concerning performance issues.

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