Apple's Jobs dismisses Google's mobile advances

Apple CEO Steve Jobs discounted the progress Google had made with its Android mobile platform, and said Apple will outstrip the company with its own aggressive updates to the iPhone, according to reports from and Both reports are based on accounts of an internal Apple company meeting Jobs held after the unveiling of the company's iPad tablet last week.

According to the reports, Jobs said Google entered the mobile phone business and that Apple has not entered the search business, and noted there are elements within Google, most likely those working on Android, that are seeking to "kill" the iPhone. Jobs also disparaged Google's "don't be evil" motto, though the reports conflict as to exactly what he said on the topic.

Google has significantly increased its investments in the smartphone industry of late, most recently with the launch of the HTC-made Nexus One, which it is selling through its own online store. Jobs, however, has reason to be confident in his approach: In its most recent quarter, Apple's iPhone sales doubled, to 8.7 million.

According to, Jobs said Apple would continue to make aggressive changes to the iPhone that Google would not be able to keep up with, and said the next iPhone update will be an "A+." Apple has released an update to the iPhone every summer since the first iPhone launched in 2007.

The chief executive also took aim at Adobe. Jobs reportedly said Flash is buggy and that the world is moving toward HTML5 technology, which will help render Flash obsolete. Apple and Adobe have had a rough relationship--Adobe's Flash technology is not available on the iPhone or iPad.

An Apple spokeswoman did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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