Apple sends $100 iPhone credit via SMS

Apple is sending the previously announced $100 store credit to iPhone users' handsets via SMS. The message contains a code that can be used online or at an Apple store. Any iPhone user who bought their iPhone before August 22 and did not already make use of another rebate or promotional offer, needs to go to the Apple website and input their iPhone serial number to get the code via SMS. The user then inputs that code into the store credit website to receive the $100 voucher. Here's the letter Jobs sent out last week explaining his reasons for the store credit. And here's what iPhone users will see when they get their message (click to enlarge):

Speculation about the European launches for the iPhone is also heating up. According to a major newswire service, T-Mobile Germany will be announcing next week that it is the exclusive carrier for the iPhone in Germany, while Apple has sent out invitations to an event in London next week called "Mum is no longer the word." Speculation has also surrounded an upcoming Apple event in Paris, scheduled for September 25. O2 is suspected to be the exclusive U.K. carrier, while Orange is rumored to be Apple's pick for France.

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