Apple slammed with lawsuit over iPhone 3G

Apple may be wishing it had reacted faster to the reported connectivity issues with the iPhone 3G. A lawsuit has been filed against the company by Alabama resident Jessica Alena Smith claiming that the iPhone's 3G performance and reliability has not measured up to what the company claimed in its marketing campaign.

Smith purchased her iPhone 3G after seeing advertisements claiming the phone was twice as fast for half the price. But she immediately noticed that the iPhone's data connection, email and other communications were slower than expected and the phone  appeared to only connect to AT&T's 3G network less than 25 percent of the time. She also experienced an "inordinate amount of dropped calls," according to the lawsuit.

Smith is hoping her lawsuit will become a class-action complaint. She's aware that others are having the same issues and is requesting that the suit be approved as a class action. Apple had no comment about the pending litigation.

Earlier this week Apple released an iPhone software update that it says improves communication between the iPhone 3G and wireless networks. However, the company has refused to provide specifics about what the software update fixes nor has it commented on what exactly is causing the iPhone 3G problems.

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