Apple: Where's the WiFi flaw?

Apple issued a statement refuting claims from researchers at SecureWorks that Apple's Macbook computer contains a wireless-security flaw that would let hackers access machines remotely. Security researchers earlier this month said that they had found a flaw in the WiFi drivers that could give hackers access to passwords, bank accounts and other sensitive information when the system isn't even connected to the Internet. The researchers said that the problem is with the software built into wireless-networking hardware that allows it to communicate with a computer's operating system.

"To date, SecureWorks has not shared or demonstrated any code in relation to the Black Hat-demonstrated exploit that is relevant to the hardware and software that we ship. Whatever they are claiming to have found, they haven't shared it with us," said an Apple spokeswoman. WiFi gear maker Atheros hasn't gotten its hands on the code either.

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