Appsbar, AppMachine and others promise no-code app development

Although most mobile developers come from a traditional software development background using JavaScript or C++, a growing number of vendors are promising tools and templates that would allow anyone--even someone without any coding experience--to build basic smartphone apps. "We're also totally device-agnostic, multi-platform whereas some are just focused on iOS or Android," Scott Hirsch, Appsbar's founder and CEO said. "We also offer live support, which means if you run into trouble, a real human will look at your question and get back to you." Appsbar is one of a number of vendors, along with the likes of  Infinite Monkeys, AppMachine, ShoutEm and many others, that offer no-coding tools. Most such offerings allow a user to select an app category (business app, game, music, etc.) and input the details about content and functionality. A native app is built on the user's behalf that can be added to app stores including Google Play and the iOS App Store. For more on no-coding apps, see this FierceDeveloper special report.

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