Arieso founder Dehghan leaving network vendor JDSU

A top executive from JDSU-owned network vendor Arieso is leaving the company, the company confirmed. Shirin Dehghan, Arieso's founder and general manager, is stepping down in August, according to Jim Monroe, JDSU's vice president of corporate marketing and communications.

Dehghan, who founded Arieso 12 years ago, is stepping down to take a break, though she will likely continue to serve as an adviser to JDSU following her departure. Monroe declined to comment on other possible personnel moves at Arieso. Arieso is one part of JDSU's larger service enablement division.

JDSU bought Arieso in March 2013 for $85 million, scooping up its expertise in location-aware software solutions, small cell siting and network optimization. The acquisition of UK-based Arieso was intended to help network testing firm JDSU extend its visibility from the network core through the radio access network (RAN) to the subscriber location, helping to maximize the benefits of offloading data from macrocells to small cells.

The last major announcement from JDSU regarding Arieso came in March when the company announced that Belgian operator Belgacom would use JDSU's ariesoGEO platform across its Proximus mobile networks in Belgium. The vendor said Belgacom would use ariesoGEO to plan and optimize its 2G, 3G and LTE networks, to ensure an optimum experience for its mobile users and to enhance management reporting and network visibility.