AT&T adds U-verse DVR iPhone app; HTC not bringing Sense to older Android phones

> AT&T announced the availability of a free iPhone and iPod Touch application that allows U-verse subscribers to remotely schedule and manage their DVR content. Article

> HTC confirmed that its new Sense UI would not be retroactively added to the T-Mobile G1, the Vodafone Magic or other "Google experience" Android phones. Article

> YouTube announced its mobile uploads have increased 400 percent a day in the week since Apple released the iPhone 3G S, which has video capability. Article

> Virgin Mobile USA CEO Dan Schulman was made a member of Rutgers University's Board of Governors. Article

> Motorola is reportedly preparing to release an iDEN-based Android phone next year for Israeli operator Mirs. Article

And finally... Sprint Nextel said it will stop using great apes in its TV advertising, after the animal rights group PETA complained about a Sprint ad featuring a chimpanzee. Article

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