AT&T ends 15 GB promotion after 13 days

AT&T Mobility (NYSE: T) has ended its promotion that offered 15 GB of shared data for $100 per month. The company launched the promotion on Nov. 18 and ended it Nov. 30.

Under the promotion, AT&T offered its 15 GB shared data plan for $100 per month, which had been the price of its 10 GB plan. The 15 GB plan had previously started at $130 per month. Now that the promotion is over, AT&T's 15 GB shared data plan returns to its original $130 per month price.

AT&T customers who signed up for the promotional rate will be able to keep that plan. When the carrier first announced the promotion, it did not say when it would end.

The nation's wireless carriers routinely start and stop pricing promotions in an effort to entice more customers to their networks. However, the duration of AT&T's promotion--just 13 days--is somewhat surprising. Most such promotions last at least a month, and in some cases much more. AT&T may have decided to discontinue its promotion due to high demand from customers. AT&T spokesperson Steven Schwadron said only that the carrier runs "limited time promos all the time."

Of course, AT&T isn't alone in offering pricing promotions to generate interest during the holiday shopping season. For example, Sprint (NYSE: S) is offering to halve the monthly rate plans of customers who switch from those carriers and buy a new Sprint phone. Starting Dec. 5, Sprint said that under its "Cut Your Bill in Half Event," it will offer customers unlimited voice and texting and match their data allowance for half the cost they are currently paying. Sprint's promotion ends Jan. 15.

Separately, T-Mobile US (NYSE:TMUS) offered a Cyber Monday deal that essentially reduced the price of a 64 GB iPhone 6 by $100. T-Mobile is also giving away an Alcatel One Touch Android tablet to its customers as long as they sign up for a qualifying data plan.

And Verizon Wireless (NYSE: VZ) offered discounts on a range of devices during its Black Friday promotions.

Indeed, according to TMoNews, T-Mobile intends to end its refer-a-friend promotion on Dec. 9. The promotion offers unlimited data to customers who get their friends and family to sign up for T-Mobile service. T-Mobile's referral program started in August.

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