AT&T executive among the most promising executives in wireline telecom

FierceWireless recently identified its "emerging stars" for 2015, the wireless executives to watch as they help their companies achieve new milestones and break into new markets. Out sister publication, FierceTelecom, is training the same eye on the wireline telecom market.

Some of the same trends that are affecting the wireless industry are also sweeping through wireline, including the shift to Software-Defined Networking (SDN). One of FierceTelecom's rising stars is Josh Goodell, vice president of network on demand, mobile and business solutions for AT&T(NYSE: T), who is driving the company's initial deployment of SDN to enable automated service delivery while driving cost out of the business. AT&T aims to virtualize and control over 75 percent of its network using SDN by 2020.

FierceTelecom has highlighted seven executives who are propelling network transitions, launching new service initiatives, and developing network buildout strategies to respond to emerging consumer and business demands Check out this special report to see who they are.