AT&T launches its first rugged 3G device

AT&T has certified the first rugged 3G device for its AT&T BroadbandConnect network: Workabout Pro from Psion Teklogix. The UMTS/HSDPA device runs on Windows Mobile 5. Sales teams from both AT&T and Psion Teklogix will sell the device and service to business customers throughout the U.S. Customers can use the Workabout Pro on the BroadbandConnect network in more than 165 major markets coast-to-coast. The device can also connect to the carriers EDGE network, of course, which it says is now available in "more than 13,000 cities and towns and along some 40,000 miles of major highways."

For more on AT&T's first UMTS/HSDPA device:
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