AT&T launches new Jack smartphone; Verizon adds new business calling plans

> AT&T Mobility launched a new smartphone, the Samsung Jack, for $99.99 after a mail-in rebate and with a two-year contract. Release

> Verizon Wireless introduced new calling plans for businesses. One plan gives eligible businesses 700 anytime minutes with unlimited mobile-to-mobile calling for $70 per month. Another plan lets users with more than 1,400 minutes choose 10 numbers that won't count against their minutes. Article

> AT&T has had a rough week on the mobile broadband front, and it's clear that the carrier's growing pains are continuing. Commentary

> Syniverse announced it will acquire roaming hub Wireless Solutions International. Article

> SIM-only deals may rankle handset makers, but operators are unlikely to turn away from them because of the advantages. Commentary

> Incumbent players need to stop stifling municipal and local networks, argues analyst Craig Settles. Commentary

> Finnish operator Elisa demonstrated it's possible to double the voice capacity of 3G networks while producing a 50 percent boost in handset talk time. Article

> German wireless carriers are divided in their approach to mobile VoIP. Article

And finally... The carcass of an unidentified animal washed up along the shore of Long Island, and many think it could be the "Montauk Monster." Article