AT&T launches rugged PTT Samsung phone; Will BlackBerry Storm 2 have WiFi?

> AT&T Mobility launched a rugged, push-to-talk Samsung handset. Pricing is not yet available, although it looks like the phone will only be sold through AT&T's business channel. Article

> Reports circulated late last week that Research In Motion may be readying the BlackBerry Storm 2, and that it will have WiFi capabilities. Article

> The BBC is testing a new mobile TV website, and said it will dramatically increase the level of BBC TV content available to cell phone users. Article

> The Bluetooth Special Interest Group said it will introduce Bluetooth version 3.0 April 21. Article

> The GSMA set an ambitious "green" agenda, forecasting that nearly 120,000 cellular base stations will be running on renewable energy in the next three years. Article

> SMS-generated spam will become a significant problem in the future, according to the chief research officer of F-Secure. Article

And finally... Police in New Hampshire are searching for a house burglar who, after being confronted by the house's owner, apologized for stealing jewelry boxes and electronic items and then put the items back. Article