AT&T Mobility planning to beat back the Storm

Ahead of Verizon Wireless' launch of Research In Motion's BlackBerry Storm, AT&T Mobility is readying a plan to beat back potential sales of the device as the holiday shopping season approaches, according to a report on the blog Boy Genius Report.

According to an internal document from AT&T, some of the talking points that should be used to counter the Storm's appeal include:

  • The Storm does not have multi-touch technology
  • The iPhone 3G is paired with Apple's App Store and is linked to iTunes
  • The iPhone 3G is capable of operating on three bands of HSDPA, and has GPS technology.

While it is not surprising that AT&T would make a marketing push showcasing the features of the iPhone 3G as more smartphones head onto the market--including T-Mobile's G1--the fact that this memo exists reveals one thing: AT&T and Apple see the Storm as a formidable competitor. 

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