AT&T reportedly in talks with DirecTV; Consumer Cellular increases minutes, messages and data

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> Sony again cut its predictions for profit. Article

> AT&T has been in discussions with DirecTV about purchasing the satellite TV provider, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal citing unnamed sources close to the talks. Article

> Opponents of the FCC's new plan for net neutrality are preparing to fight it. Article

> MVNO Consumer Cellular increased the number of minutes, messages and data available under its plans. Article

> Snapchat added video calls and instant messaging to its app. Article

> Stephen Elop will receive $33.4 million for leaving Nokia for Microsoft. Article

> Motorola's next smartphone, launching May 13, will be "priced for all." Article

Wireless Tech News

> Mimosa's CEO responded to critics of firm's spectrum-sharing proposal for 10 GHz. Article

> The Comcast Wi-Fi network only encompasses 1 million hotspots right now, but that number will skyrocket to a whopping 8 million by year's end, with the cable MSO promising to operate hotspots in 19 of the country's 30 largest cities. Article

> The First Responders Network Authority (FirstNet) announced the hiring of its first CTO. Named to the position is Ali Afrashteh, who has been working as a consultant but previously held executive positions with Clearwire, Sprint, Nextel Communications and PCS PrimeCo. Article

Telecom News

> Consolidated Communications reported that a 21 percent rise in Metro Ethernet revenue drove up overall first-quarter 2014 data, video and Internet services revenue to $68.2 million. Article

Cable News

> Cable's Wi-Fi ambitions are about much more than customer retention. Editor's Corner

> FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler didn't beat around the bush when he took the stage at the The Cable Show here, telling the cable industry that the FCC is not "gutting the open Internet." Article

> Here's something to chew on as Aereo's right to grab and rebroadcast over-the-air transmissions via IP wends its way through the Supreme Court: one of the cable industry's bigger names, John Malone, once considered investing in the maverick firm. Article

> Every player within the TV entertainment space--broadcasters, cable and satellite service providers and consumer groups--has an opinion on retransmission fees. Article

And finally… Samsung announced it will give its Galaxy owners exclusive access to LeBron James through a new mobile app. Release