AT&T reveals more femtocell details

Although still not commercially deployed, AT&T has revealed more about its femtocell offering. The company's product website is live and provides consumers with a detailed description on how the femtocell works. In addition, according to, there are three price packages being offered to AT&T Microcell femtocell customers in the company's trial area of Charlotte, N.C.

Customers who have AT&T wireless service will pay an extra $20 per month for the Microcell product. Customers who have both AT&T wireless and another AT&T service such as landline phone service or Internet will pay just $10 per month for the device and triple-play customers (those with wireless, landline and Internet) will receive the femtocell for free. According to an AT&T spokesman, these prices are for the trial offering and final pricing of the commercial product may be different.

For more:
- see this article
- see the AT&T Microcell website

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