AT&T's stumbles in 4K could aid its DirecTV future

AT&T's ambitious move into live, linear 4K broadcasting via its DirecTV business has proven challenging, as the company was forced to cancel the first two of its planned 25 MLB game broadcasts due to technical challenges. The first broadcast was canceled due to problems with a third-party production truck, and the second was scratched when the satellite TV provider found the signal to be unacceptable in early testing.

But first-movers in the tech world are often subject to slings and arrows when technical hiccups occur, of course, and DirecTV has learned some important lessons as it brings 4K to market. And it continues to move forward with other plans for 4K, including the upcoming launch of three dedicated channels that will include films, documentaries and live events. 

Such efforts may well become increasingly important as AT&T works to launch its new DirecTV streaming offerings later this year, and as it works to bring additional content onto its mobile platforms. Special Report