AT&T, T-Mobile match VZW on flat rate, sort of

AT&T and T-Mobile USA have joined Verizon Wireless by kicking the bucket. Hours after Verizon Wireless made its move to offer a flat rate voice plan, subscribers to AT&T and T-Mobile USA learned that they too could purchase a $99.99-a-month flat rate plan for unlimited voice calls. T-Mobile USA, however, took the plan one step further and included unlimited text and instant messaging.

While Sprint has yet to offer an unlimited voice plan at or below the other three carriers' pricetags, the carrier's CEO Dan Hesse did indicate to USA Today last week that Sprint may offer an unlimited flat rate plan soon in a move to shake up the industry. The threat of doing so was enough. Now the industry waits to see whether Sprint will undercut the other three carriers' $100 pricetag in an attempt to recoup subscribers lost over the past year.

Cellular South joined the press release joust by highlighting its own unlimited plan. The release claims that Cellular South's unlimited plan is more competitively priced than other carriers at a flat monthly rate of $79.99 for phones and $99.99 for smartphones.

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