AT&T to sell Galaxy S4 for $249; Windows Phone gadgets outselling iPhones in select countries

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@FierceWireless: Temple Run coming to Windows Phone this week alongside several other games. Article | [email protected]

> Windows Phone gadgets are outselling iPhones in Argentina, India, Poland, Russia, South Africa and Ukraine. Article

> Alcatel-Lucent's new CEO will unveil his plan for the vendor in June. Article

> Nokia said it will fight a charge that it owes $383 million in taxes to India. Article

> Sprint Nextel will soon launch LTE service in Portland. Article

> Cisco could supply LTE small cells to Verizon Wireless. Article

> Google could manufacture its Glasses product in the United States. Article

> Cisco cut 500 jobs. Article

> AT&T Mobility's Samsung Galaxy S4 will sell for $249. Article

> Apple is being charged with patent infringement in China. Article

> Senate Democrats are urging President Obama to appoint current FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel to succeed Julius Genachowski as chairman. Article

Mobile Content News

> Google released an updated version of its Translate application, enabling Android device users to access the service even without a cellular connection. Article

> Facebook is overhauling its mobile app install ads program, enabling developers to reach specific versions of Apple's iOS and Google's Android. Article

Broadband Wireless News

> China's ZTE, along with Hainan Airlines, have successfully completed a test of air-to-ground (ATG) broadband communications using an FDD-LTE network on a commercial airline flight. Article

> A round of Series A funding has set Range Networks on a path to extend its commercial open source cellular systems beyond private networks and into the public carrier market, where it hopes to get its technology in rural areas in the United States and in markets worldwide. Article

European Wireless News

> Vodafone's new head of social media has been given the go-ahead to boost the operator's brand by using social media as more than a tool for customer service. Article

> France Telecom CEO Stephane Richard said that the company's average revenue per user for its customers in France will decline at a faster rate this year than in 2012. Article

And finally… Electricity meters delivering Wi-Fi coverage? Article