AT&T to subsidize 3G phones

Hot on the heels of its AT&T Unity calling plans announcement, AT&T said today that it will attempt to jumpstart demand for 3G wireless broadband services by heavily subsidizing 3G handsets, which are often considerably more expensive than 2.5G devices. AT&T subscribers who sign up for mobile broadband service will receive up to $200 in mail-in rebates for some 3G handset models. To qualify for such a rebate, a customer must purchase wireless service from AT&T, select either AT&T Yahoo High Speed Internet Pro or Elite, FastAccess Ultra or Xtreme 6.0 DSL service. AT&T 3G mobile broadband is currently available in more than 160 markets in the U.S., according to the carrier. The three handsets eligible for the offer include Samsung's SYNC, the LG CU500 and Samsung's BlackJack.

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